Cyber Safe Digital Citizen …


I believe I have a respectable knowledge and experience as a digital citizen and use ICT in a safe, responsible and ethical way.

The primary school where my children attended had a local police detective provide a very confronting ‘parent-version’ talk on Cyber Safety and I also attended the ‘student-versions’ of all of my children as the talk was structured for different age groups. What struck me most was … ‘you never know who’s in your house’. You put your kids to bed, go to sleep and they are up all night on the computer ‘talking’ to goodness knows who! The first thing I did after experiencing these talks was take all computers out of my children’s bedrooms; phones are surrendered at bedtime and for inappropriate use. This YouTube clip is a taste of the type of thing we saw (these are pranks but we saw evidence of the real thing!) and just how easy it is behind the mask of social media to appear to be somebody that you are not.

If you’ve read my blog post about my Facebook account being hacked you will be aware that I felt first-hand the ramifications of spamming and at this point haven’t changed my mind about returning. Another incident my daughter experienced (when she was about 10 years old) was so called friends from school emailing her pretending to be somebody else and saying really mean things to her. The problem for them was that I was able to trace the email to belonging to my daughter’s friend and my daughter chose to tell the school Principal as her name was mentioned in the the emails.  One of the Mothers’ phoned me (after they were informed by the school) and she was absolutely mortified. I told her I wanted the girls to realise that they got caught and even though today it was only a ‘harmless email’ if we don’t nip it in the bud now in the future it could be so much more.

A summary of my results for each of the quizzes –

Bullying Quiz – 3/4. I thought that by teaching students’ social skills it would help them to be more assertive toward the bully and they’d back down. I don’t agree it would send the message that it’s their fault they’re being bullied as their self-confidence/esteem would build-up by having new skills and strategies to draw upon.

Cyber Safety Quiz – 25/25. I think this is because I had the prior knowledge from the Cyber Safety talk.

I am very aware of the potential for ‘fake friends’ online and that it is very disheartening that innocent people can’t go about their lives without having to worry about whether they are being targeted in their own homes.

– Lee.


Option 2 wins!


If you have been reading my posts about being exempt and then not exempt from Prac for EDC3100 you will understand the heading.

I’m going to have something current to use for Assignment 3; I get a credit exemption for my next Prac subject; and I get to go to a school that I’m really excited about! Win, Win!

As I said it my previous post …


Now I better get my head, family and study sorted as I AM going on Prac NEXT WEEK … eeeek!

– Lee.

So…now I AM going on Prac?!?


If you have read my previous blog about me being Prac Exempt you will probably be wondering, as I am, why am I now going on Prac?

Well you see, I received an email yesterday (yes on a Saturday morning) from my USQ Liaison Officer. What? Why? There must be some mistake – I’m exempt from Prac this Semester! Next step – I go on and check out InPlace and sure enough I have been allocated a school in a Prep/1/2 class (it’s a rural placement). Perfect. Year Levels that I love … AND to a school that I really, REALLY want to go to. Hmmmm … what are my options…

  1. Ring Student Services and say “Ummm, sorry but you said I was exempt and there has been some miscommunication” and fluff through Assignment 3 and miss out on going to the school I’ve been allocated;
  2. Ring Student Services tell them the situation, ask if I can allocate this Prac Exemption Credit to another Prac course (of which they could say no the credit is only for this subject), proceed with this Prac and have something to work with for Assignment 3 and get to go to this particular school (as the opportunity may not arise again later);
  3.  Just go on the Prac and have something to work with for Assignment 3.

I’m thinking Option 2 …as my new philosophy is ….


Quote by Nora Roberts. Photo credit: DecalArt

and I agree with blogger Phoenix “the learning opportunities are endless”!

– Lee.

P.S. I’ll let you know the outcome after I chat to Student Services on Monday! 😉

Multimodal texts …


Whilst researching learning experiences for Assignment 2 (English – creating a digital multimodal text) I came across this YouTube Clip and thought it might throw a different perspective onto Emma’s question on her  blog post – “Could machines replace teachers?”  and as quoted by Bill Gates in the clip …


Another interesting site I found was the Global Digital Citizen Foundation they are a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating responsible, ethical, global citizens for a digital world and they love teaching and learning just like us! (Keeping this one tucked away for future reference.)

So now that Assignment 2 is done and dusted I’m going to enjoy the rest of the long weekend … or what’s left of it!

– Lee.

Prac Exemp :/


As Prac draws near and fellow peers (Steven, Michelle, Leisha and Mr Clancy) are getting anxious of where they are to be placed I breathe a sign of relief that I am exempt due to my change in specialisation.

I have been on 3 practicums so far and the last two weren’t that fabulous and I seriously thought about quitting studying while I was on placement. I am hoping with the change in career path and degree specialisation it will give me hope that this is where I need to be.

this-way-718660_960_720However, having said all of that … I’m now faced with the dilemma of sorting out Assignment 3 with no opportunity to write lesson plans. implement and reflect how am I going to successfully complete Assignment 3? Hmmm…. maybe it would have been easier just to go on Prac! :\

– Lee.


So much blooming BLOOM’s!


A few of my fellow peers – Jessica, Lucy,  Amanda to name a few have been blogging about Bloom’s and I thought I would too mainly so I have all of this great information in one place to create a future reference point!


Photo credit: Vanderbilt University

There is so much out there about Bloom’s Taxonomy and now Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy that once you get in to it and understand it, it really isn’t that hard to incorporate it into your lesson plans and helps to ensure they are more interesting and valuable.

Educational Origami’s blog is another great source of information and ideas about the integration of ICT into the classroom. He also has a wikispace with even more information! This document is a great tool to use to analyse learning experiences against the Bloom’s criteria.

– Lee.




– ideas for learning experiences –


Understand how different types of texts vary in use of language choices, depending on their purpose and context (for example, tense and types of sentences) (ACELA1478)


Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts demonstrating increasing control over text structures and language features and selecting print, and multi-modal elements appropriate to the audience and purpose (ACELY1682)

As you can see the Learning Objectives I have chosen are about students publishing imaginative texts.  So this got me thinking … what would be the most interesting way for students to sit through listening to approximately 30 of the same thing (and of course using some form/s of ICT)?!

I remembered back to EDX2170 and the multi-modal text we had to create using a children’s picture book. Yes … I’ll admit when we were given the task I did the inevitable student “sigh/groan” HOWEVER throughout the process and with the final result I was cheering (on the inside) as I had not only learnt something new … it was pretty exciting to see the end result come together. Now I am going to use that knowledge to enhance the student’s learning in my UoW and transform their knowledge. I came across this blog post by a Lecturer at a university in Melbourne which has some further reading and explanations on creating multimodal texts.

After seeing Sara’s blog post on Pinterest I thought – I wonder if there are any ideas about multi-modal texts – hmmm, silly question really look at all the options from this simple Google search!

Now to try and bring all of the components together ….

– Lee.