Transforming perspective…


During this Prac Experience I have been teaching English and Science. In Science it’s all about life cycles, what living things need, habitats and environments. During the first week we went on a Habitat Hike in our local school environment to see what we could discover. The students took digital photographs of  the habitats found to use in a later lesson.

Habitat Display

P-2 Classroom Habitat Display

Once I had downloaded the photographs from the camera to a computer, printed the digital photographs using a colour laser printer and laminated them they were added to the Habitat Display.

Yesterday during Science the children explored the display and were totally transformed by seeing their photographs enlarged and displayed on the wall inside their classroom. They really engaged in revisiting the habitats discovered and what could be living in them.


This also transformed my thinking of ICT as not just using computers and IWB’s but of all the other types of technologies available to us to allow little people to see the world with a different perspective… and that’s what teaching is all about!

– Lee.


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