Everywhere I look lately there is information about Coding. After reading Renee’s blog post on coding and another fellow blogger mentions Code Studio, I thought I would provide some of the sites that have popped in my feeds lately …


The Queensland Coding Academy is a simple, yet dynamic online resource to help state school and preservice teachers develop their students’ abilities in coding and digital technologies.

In an increasingly digitised world, every current and future teacher will be challenged to develop their students’ abilities to identify needs and create digital solutions, essential skills for the future!

The Queensland Coding Academy is now available for state school teachers on the Learning Place. Preservice teachers studying at a Queensland university can use their affiliate access to register. The resources complement the Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C) materials that support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

The Queensland Coding Academy is an initiative of the Queensland Government’s Advancing Education: An action plan for education in Queensland, in response to feedback from the #codingcounts discussion paper.

Bitpool software trial as part of EQ’s #CodingCounts initiative. Bitpool is industry software that measures building efficiency and is being adapted for educational purposes. The software provides:

  • A comparative tool that anyone can use to discover more about their buildings;
  • Real-world, informative analytics for students to use;
  • Accessible, credible data – students can test hypothesis with true data.

Mama Codes is another interesting website which explains why it’s important to teach kids coding and what the future holds as well as teaching coding.

There are so many out there now … who would have thought!

– Lee.


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