My Prac Experience ….


I’m still on Prac for this week as I’d been very sick prior to starting and had the ‘first’ week off. However, it has so far, and I’m sure it will continue to be, a wonderful experience.The staff, students and parents are lovely, very welcoming and supportive.

The school is a small rural school with a student population of 28 with 2 full-time teachers including a Teaching Principal of whom I’m with in the P-2 class. This is also a great experience because if you thought Teachers were busy … add in the additional role of being the Principal! Wow, this woman is like Superwoman!

The first lessons I taught were Science – Habitats and the Environment – so in my head I planned a Habitat Hike … sounds fun … the kids should learn a lot … we’ll go exploring … yep well, outdoor activities ALWAYS seem better in your head. I wouldn’t say it was a total fail and there were habitats discovered but the vision of 16 children walking together with the Teacher and Teacher Aide down to the back part of the school – hmmm … well that didn’t happen. It was like … wow – wide open spaces, let’s run for it! So hence to say the feedback from that lesson included a lot of questions about what should I have done … great for reflecting and I definitely learnt a lot from that experience.

– Lee.


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