What have I learnt?


Describe “the issues and strategies available to support the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching”;

  • There are many websites available with quizzes and presentations to educate and create an awareness for students and parents on being a cyber safe digital citizen.
  • The Australian Government has a website on eSafety to provide information to help guide children and young people toward safe, enjoyable experiences online

Identify your PE site’s existing policies and processes related to the safe, responsible, and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching;

  • As I haven’t had a chance to meet/chat with my mentor about the school’s existing policies I have researched Education Queensland’s strategies and will discuss this with her when I get to start my Prac Experience.

Describe what ICT skills are required of your learners by your curriculum; and, integrate this knowledge into your response to Part B of assignment 3;

Level 1 – Typically by the end of Foundation Year, students:

  • Recognise intellectual property recognise ownership over their own digital work;
  • Apply digital information security practices follow class rules about using digital information;
  • Apply personal security protocols follow class rules when sharing personal information with known audiences and demonstrate an awareness of applying social protocols when using ICT to communicate; and
  • Identify the impacts of ICT in society
    identify how they use ICT in multiple ways on multiple devices.

Level 2 – Typically by the end of Year 2, students:

  • Recognise intellectual property
    recognise ownership of digital products that others produce and that what they create or provide can be used or misused by others
  • Apply digital information security practices
    follow class rules about applying selected standard guidelines and techniques to secure digital information
  • Apply personal security protocols
    follow class guidelines when sharing personal information and apply basic social protocols when using ICT to communicate with known audiences
  • Identify the impacts of ICT in society
    identify how ICT is used at home and at school

– Lee.



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