Privacy Awareness Week 15-21 May


I found this link when I reading through the Week 10 learning path info – the Office of Children’s eSafety Commissioner has a heap of great information related to keeping students cybersafe.

eSafety health check

Great resource to keep to show students!

“The Australian Government working with education departments and the Independent and Catholic education sectors across Australia to offer a range of Virtual Classrooms. Using the latest developments in online shared learning, Virtual Classrooms allow an Outreach trainer to reach many schools, even in remote areas. Presentations are usually about 30–40 minutes in length, allow student participation under teacher guidance and include recommended complementary resources.”

I did find it interesting though that the presentations started from years 4-6 … what about the younger years? Are they not recognised as being Digital Citizens? Do they not need to know how to be cybersafe or are they immune to cyberbullying? It will be interesting to check out with my Prep/1/2 class next week!

– Lee.


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