What a Week!


I’ve felt a bit like this poor ol’ bear this week!

This time last week  I was feeling fine and wasn’t going on Prac but that literally changed overnight! I woke up through Thursday night with a gastro virus which put me out of action all day Friday, and by Saturday when I was feeling half human I sat down to see what’s been happening in the world to find out now I AM going on Prac. With trying to get over the flu, celebrate my birthday and get in touch with my mentor it’s been one heck of a week!

So we finally ‘met’/caught up on the phone TODAY and as it’s Ipswich Show Day Holiday here for us tomorrow, there’s no Pre-service Mentor Meeting for me! She’s sounds lovely, is really looking forward to having me and is happy to go through my check-list questions and lesson plan/teaching load etc. on Monday which quite frankly suits me as it buys me some time to get well, get my head in the game AND get my checklist finalised! From what I found out today the context is Prep/1/2, she’s a Teaching Principal, there are 19 children in our class with only 28 students in the whole school!

I’ve been reading about others who are nervous, excited and worried … I haven’t gotten that far yet … check-in with me on Monday morning when I’m driving out there! 😉 I’m looking forward to hearing about everyone’s experiences – I really feel like this blogging thing has brought us closer together. If anyone’s interested I’ve taken Zoe’s great advice and started my own Practicum Experience Blog so come and follow me over there!

– Lee.


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