Prac Exemp :/


As Prac draws near and fellow peers (Steven, Michelle, Leisha and Mr Clancy) are getting anxious of where they are to be placed I breathe a sign of relief that I am exempt due to my change in specialisation.

I have been on 3 practicums so far and the last two weren’t that fabulous and I seriously thought about quitting studying while I was on placement. I am hoping with the change in career path and degree specialisation it will give me hope that this is where I need to be.

this-way-718660_960_720However, having said all of that … I’m now faced with the dilemma of sorting out Assignment 3 with no opportunity to write lesson plans. implement and reflect how am I going to successfully complete Assignment 3? Hmmm…. maybe it would have been easier just to go on Prac! :\

– Lee.



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  3. G’day Lee, One approach is treat Assignment 3 “as if” you were going on prac. Perhaps with a focus on a past prac as the context. That might be interesting given what you’ve said about your prior experiences, not to mention the change in specialisation. David.

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    • Hi David, Thanks for the advice. Although as of yesterday it looks like I may be going on Prac which I am very excited about but will follow up and confirm tomorrow with USQ personnel and then hopefully my mentor. Cheers, Lee.


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